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We’re still taking answers to this week’s question below. We’re also taking feedback and commentary from our latest video installment so post away. Maybe a post for both? And thank you!

As first-year historic preservation students, we have discovered that preservation as a field is often perceived as a collection of naysayers who oppose innovation, change and newness. How can infrastructure be used to rebrand preservation in a more positive light – as an optimistic field that is working toward a brighter future?


4 responses to “Current Topic

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  3. JMF

    It is by learning history that we are able to reflect on and understand more thoroughly the present while planning for our future. In the same way, if we preserve the past in structure and heritage, along with our history books, we learn about ourselves, our values, and our highest inspirations in architecture, engineering, landscape and culture and can, in turn, compare it to today. Where, in today’s culture, do we have an equivalent to the Croton Waterworks? The coordination was incredible. Is that possible today? Will we be able to ever match this accomplishment in the future? Without these important structures and ideas of the past. we are robbed of an important part of our education, experience and inspiration.

  4. Alice Bednarchik

    I live near both the 119th Street gatehouse in Manhattan and the 113th Street gatehouse which is now the Amsterdam Senior Center adjacent to the Amsterdam Nursing Home. The grounds of the 119th Street gatehouse boast a wonderful new garden run by the Columbia Secondary School on W.123rd Street. I have already cast my vote at the poll for what to do with this wonderful structure before it is too late to restore it. A museum and Visitor’s Center would encourage the students of CSS to get involved with yet another facet of Manhattan life. Many of the children have already asked me what the building is and I’ve been doing my best to educate them. A museum would be able to do much much more than I or other Morningside Heights residents can. How is the poll coming along and can we expect any feedback from it soon?

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